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Pam Lopez - More About Urban Sketchers

18 Feb 2024 11:48 AM | Lin Pacific (Administrator)

Pam Lopez, Becca Youngblood, Leslie Nielsen and Laurie Ponte

Presented "More About Urban Sketchers"

Click on the link or on the image to watch the video. 

Pam Lopez Art

"I retired after a teaching career that spanned fifty years and took me to many places like Kenya, Canada, Brazil, Grenada, Malaysia, Portugal and finally Las Vegas.

I then decided to go back to what I loved doing best - painting. I was a batik artist for many years but I wasn’t happy working with the fumes of hot wax within a closed environment in my Las Vegas home. So I challenged myself to try watercolors as I’d always heard that it is a difficult medium to work with. It is. It was a huge learning curve, and it still is, but when that perfect combination of water mingling with pigment creates that luminous transparent quality on my paper, I’m in heaven!

Keeping a sketchbook to experiment and play is an important learning path for me. When I stumbled upon the UrbanSketchersLV site on Facebook, it was what I needed. I met a lot of like minded people who were at my level or way beyond. Chatting, exchanging ideas, looking over their shoulders and feeling good about being outdoors makes my soul feel good!

I’m on a never ending journey of learning and growing, and I’m happy!"



Becca Youngblood Art



Leslie Nielsen Art



Laurie Ponte Art

Laurie says:

I started taking watercolor classes with Judy Hoiness back in the 90's at the local community college in Bend. This led to lessons with Sandra Holtzman, Helen Brown and Cindy Briggs. These talented artists/instructors really sparked my interest in watercolor.  With more time on my hands when I retired in 2020, expressing myself on paper with paint became a passion. I am a member of an active local nonprofit called Sagebrushers Art Society in Bend, OR - that provides a studio and gallery for its members to paint anytime and to display their art. A longtime friend of mine and I have enjoyed 'art dates' visiting Bend's numerous galleries as their displays change monthly.

Since retirement my husband and I have traveled to several states to rock climb and mountain bike in our van. Our favorite place - where we found ourselves returning every spring and fall - was Red Rock Canyon. Besides being an incredibly beautiful place to hangout and paint, there's a good reason it's known as an international climbing destination - and, mountain biking here is some of the best we've found in the country. Also, the local lap swim pools are top notch and very affordable. Wanting to be here for more than brief parts of the year, we moved to Las Vegas in October, 2023. 

Since then I've  discovered even more to like about the area - including the Nevada Watercolor Society. I've enjoyed getting to know its welcoming members and appreciate their camaraderie. So many have vast experience and are willing to share it with me. Thanks, NWS!



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