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How do I login to the website for the first time?

    • You must be a member to login and have access to the "members-only" features of this website.  To login the first time, click on the icon immediately above "Members Login" in the upper right corner of any page.  Enter your email address and click on "Forgot Password".  Within 5 minutes, you should receive an email with instructions for setting your password.  You may also use this feature any time you've forgotten your password.  If you don't receive an email, check your "spam" or "junk" email folder and allow the sender. 

Is there any action I should take after logging in for the first time?

    • Yes.  Return to the icon in the upper right corner, click on it, and select "View Profile".  If you see any errors, select the "EDIT" button and make the appropriate changes.  At the same time, review all other fields and make the desired entries.  WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO COMPLETE THE VOLUNTEER SECTION - we need more volunteers!  You may also indicate if you would like to be added to our "Teachers Directory"  or have your own website you'd like to have listed under "Members Websites".  Return to "My Profile" periodically to make sure your information is up-to-date.

After applying for new membership, or registering for workshops or shows, I am asked to check out.  I also receive an invoice each year when my membership is up for renewal.  Am I required to pay fees via PayPal/credit card, or can I still pay by personal check? 

    • While you are encouraged to pay fees via PayPal/credit card, you may still opt to pay by personal check or cash.  When it is time to finalize payment select the "Pay Online" button to pay by PayPal/credit card or select the "Invoice Me" button to pay by check or cash.  Mail or deliver your check to the appropriate board member.  Do NOT mail cash.  Instead, cash payments should be delivered in person to the appropriate board member.  Send mailed checks to:  Nevada Watercolor Society, P.O. Box 27224, Las Vegas, NV 89126 unless otherwise instructed by an event coordinator. 

Can I view the invoices I've paid for dues, workshops, and shows?

    • Yes.  From your profile, select the "Invoices and Payments" heading.  A record of your paid and unpaid invoices will appear.  If you wish to pay an outstanding balance due via PayPal/credit card, click on the unpaid invoice and follow the check-out procedures.  

How do I apply for Signature status?

    • Log in, then on any page, select "Members" from the menu on the left-hand side.  Follow the instructions to apply for Signature Membership. 

What does it mean when I see the word "Lapsed" under my profile?

    • "Lapsed" appears if you have not paid your dues for the current year.  Pay the invoice on line or send payment to our Membership Chair if you wish to bring your dues up-to-date.

I haven't been able to access the Membership Directory or sign up for member rates for workshops or shows.  What's wrong?

    • Check to make sure you are logged on.  You must be an Active (paid-up) member to access these features. 

I want to become a member and sign up for a workshop at the same time, taking advantage of member rates.  How can I avoid having to make two separate payments?

    • Complete the new member application under the "Join Us" section, and select "Invoice Me" as your payment option.  Then register for the workshop as a member, selecting the desired payment option.  If paying online, the total amount due will be charged.  You may also make a single payment if paying by check.  

The system does not recognize my email address.  Why not?

    • This means you are using an email address that differs from our records.  Please contact our Membership Chair to correct this problem. 

Do I always have to login to view the website?

    • No.  You only need to login to access "Members-only" features of our site.

What are the "Members-only" features?

    • As a logged-in member, you have access to the Members Directory (previously available only in a printed version), can apply for Signature Membership, and may take advantage of discounted and early-bird member rates for workshops and shows.   

How can I get a Membership Card?

    • Once you log-in, select "View Profile".  You will find an image of your membership card.  Options to download to your smart phone or print a card appear below the image.  Click on the desired option and follow the instructions.

Some site pages refer to the NVWS Bylaws & Standing Rules.  Why can't I find this document on our website?

    • The "Bylaws & Standing Rules" page has now been added to the menu under the "About Us" section.  Thank you for your patience. 

Why have we changed our website?

    • Our previous website served us well for many years.  However, our code was outdated, and our "read-only" site contained no interactive features.  That meant all  payments, applications and registrations were processed on paper, resulting in a tremendous number of volunteer hours required to administer new member information, shows, and workshops.

 What can I do to help make our new website a success?

    • You can help by using the interactive features to join NVWS, sign up for workshops and shows, apply for Signature Member status, and periodically review and update your profile.  And, as an option, you can pay online via PayPal/credit card to become a member, renew your dues, and pay for show entries and workshops.  


Contact Us at

Mailing address: Nevada Watercolor Society, P.O. Box 27224, Las Vegas, NV 89126

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