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  • 18 Feb 2024 11:48 AM | Lin Pacific (Administrator)

    Pam Lopez, Becca Youngblood, Leslie Nielsen and Laurie Ponte

    Presented "More About Urban Sketchers"

    Click on the link or on the image to watch the video. 

    Pam Lopez Art

    "I retired after a teaching career that spanned fifty years and took me to many places like Kenya, Canada, Brazil, Grenada, Malaysia, Portugal and finally Las Vegas.

    I then decided to go back to what I loved doing best - painting. I was a batik artist for many years but I wasn’t happy working with the fumes of hot wax within a closed environment in my Las Vegas home. So I challenged myself to try watercolors as I’d always heard that it is a difficult medium to work with. It is. It was a huge learning curve, and it still is, but when that perfect combination of water mingling with pigment creates that luminous transparent quality on my paper, I’m in heaven!

    Keeping a sketchbook to experiment and play is an important learning path for me. When I stumbled upon the UrbanSketchersLV site on Facebook, it was what I needed. I met a lot of like minded people who were at my level or way beyond. Chatting, exchanging ideas, looking over their shoulders and feeling good about being outdoors makes my soul feel good!

    I’m on a never ending journey of learning and growing, and I’m happy!"



    Becca Youngblood Art



    Leslie Nielsen Art



    Laurie Ponte Art



    See you at our March General Meeting

    on the 13th March 6:30 pm, at Spanish Oaks Clubhouse

    for another exciting Art Presentation.

  • 18 Feb 2024 11:30 AM | Lin Pacific (Administrator)

    If you missed the February General Members Meeting here is a recap. You missed a lot of great stuff. So click and enjoy.

    Meeting Recap Video - Click to watch

    Artist Spotlight - Karla Shoup - Click to watch

  • 26 Jan 2024 7:43 PM | Lin Pacific (Administrator)

    Laurie Ponte, one of our newer Members, gave a Spotlight presentation of her art at the January In-Person Meeting. If you missed it, here is a recap and more information about her and her lovely paintings. Don't forget to thank her and give her a bit of Arty Love.



  • 26 Jan 2024 6:34 PM | Lin Pacific (Administrator)

    Artist Spotlight is now a regular feature for NVWS. We would like to Spotlight each one of our Members and their distinctive artwork. Contact Sharon Menary, our President if you would like to be in our Spotlight.


    This first Spotlight is on our lovely President, Sharon Menary. We have a video where she introduces herself and her art. Don't forget to thank her and give her some Arty Love.

  • 26 Jan 2024 2:14 PM | Lin Pacific (Administrator)

    If you missed the January In-Person General Meeting in January you missed a lot. But we were able to capture the wonderful Presentation Given by Our very own Linda Smith, a long time art teacher and we have some links below that our members can use to see the wonderful ways she shows us, to recover our paintings that turn out not to our liking.

    Don't forget to thank Linda for sharing and give her some Arty Love!

    Linda's Re-Purposing Presentation Part 1

    Linda's Re-Purposing Presentation Part 2

    Linda's Re-Purposing Presentation Part 3

    Thank you Linda Smith!!!

  • 11 Jan 2024 11:30 PM | Lin Pacific (Administrator)

    Thank you Cindy for the wonderful Sketchbook Workshop you did for us. It was truly inspiring!

    We hope you enjoyed the Cindy Briggs Zoom workshop and got inspired to create a sketchbook journal!

    The following is from Cindy. She will have the videos available for you to view for two weeks.

    The links to the videos.

    Part One:

    Part Two:

    Members are invited to visit her website at and subscribe to her newsletter. She shares tips, her upcoming workshops, and also has a free "Burano Reds" Watercolor Video lesson when you subscribe.

    If anyone wants to email Cindy for some feedback, Her email address is:

    Our member, Lin Pacific, has put together a NVWS Facebook Group. Be sure to join. Read the Facebook Blog Post below to join in. Lin would like you to send photos of your work to our news email so she can showcase what our members are doing. Send your photos to: or post your photos in our Facebook group.

    Here is some other information that Cindy shared with us regarding some of the equipment she used:

    Don't forget to sign up for the next workshop happening in March. This will be an in person workshop with Kim Johnson. See our website for details.

    Again, Thank you, Cindy Briggs, for the wonderful workshop!

    Linda Smith

    NVWS Workshops Chair

  • 11 Jan 2024 2:14 PM | Lin Pacific (Administrator)

    We have a Nevada Watercolor Society Members phone app that you can use to keep track of Society details.

    Go to the app store. Search for Wild Apricot Member App. It's an orange flower. Download it. Log into this app with your NVWS Website login details. You will be able to see your profile, all our active members, events, etc. This app is available for iPhone and Android. You will love it.

  • 10 Jan 2024 2:52 PM | Lin Pacific (Administrator)

    You really want to do this! We have a great way to communicate closely with each other, showcase our art to other members, and have their kind input if we need to get past being ”stuck” as an artist, etc .... AND keep being updated as to what’s happening in our Society.

    Our Facebook Group is an exciting new way to talk to one another.

    Don’t be afraid of Facebook. Your kids are not, so let’s use these free facilities to mingle and showcase our art online.

    If you don't have a Facebook account you can open one using your email account and a nickname (artist name), if you like. Facebook does not mind if you do not use your real name. All they care about is your email address and your password. You do not have to fill out anything in your profile if you want to be private about your personal details. This is a good thing. Do not post your personal, or private details online, on Facebook, on Instagram, etc. Be a Nickname you have chosen, and that can be your incognito online persona under that name.

    There are 3 ways to participate in Facebook.

    A Profile, A Page, and a Group. (You will be a personal Profile and that Profile will be able to participate with other Profiles, Pages or Groups on Facebook)

    As a Profile (a person - you used your chosen email to create this)

    As a Page (a professional showcase and mouthpiece of a company or business - this does not have to be a registered business, it can be your own (FREE) online art studio Facebook Presence, NVWS has a Facebook Page that it uses like its little newspaper, and for marketing)

    As a Group (where like-minded people (Profiles) discuss things they have in common according to the theme of the Group - NVWS has a Group for their members to chat and showcase their artwork, techniques, etc.)

    Please create your Facebook Profile Account if you do not have one,

    LIKE our Page at this link, click LIKE, (not SIGN UP - it takes you to the website Sign Up Page on our website to become a member of our NVWS)

     Join our Group at this link, Click Join and Admin will process your request to join

    Click to JOIN our Group

    Once you LIKE our NVWS PAGE your timeline (News stream) will show you all the things we post on our NVWS Page automatically. (The SIGN UP Button takes you to our website to sign up, so no need to click on that)

    Once you JOIN our NVWS GROUP your timeline (News stream) will show you all the things that are shared on our NVWS GROUP Page automatically.

    Then you will easily be kept up to date with the fun things happening in our Society!

    You can connect with only the friends you want, and having a Facebook account (Profile) allows you to participate in all the other wonderful groups and pages where others are mingling.

    The News page has a different icon than the group so you can tell the difference immediately

    Our Group Icon is  

    Our Page icon is  


    To keep your Facebook news stream clean and relevant, do not click on anything that you don't like. Facebook always feeds you more of what you click on and react with. So do not react with things that make you upset. Click on art, baking, kind stories, wonders in nature, crafts, your friends and family stuff - then you will see more of that.

  • 9 Jan 2024 7:30 AM | Lin Pacific (Administrator)

    Linda Smith, from NVWS, is hosting a Watercolor Event our members might be interested in .....

    Watercolor On The Water Workshop Cruise with Linda Smith

    September 5th - 14th, 2024

    Aboard the Beautiful CELEBRITY EQUINOX Cruise Ship

    • Delve deeper into the enchanting world of watercolor art, with Linda as your guide.
    • Receive engaging instruction that promises to take your painting skills to extraordinary new heights.
    • Paint en plein air with Linda, and truly capture the essence of the destination through your artwork

    Don’t be Left on the Dock!

    Visit the link below for complete information and to book your spot.

    Cruise Host and Workshop Instructor: Linda Smith www.LindaSmith.Vegas

  • 8 Jan 2024 9:59 AM | Lin Pacific (Administrator)

    Free ZOOM workshop for members!

    Watercolor Journey“ with Cindy Briggs

    January 8 and 9, 2024 (MON., TUES.) 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. each day

    ZOOM in the comfort of your home FREE!

    For current members only

    Discover how to draw with flowing lines and paint with flowing watercolors in this two-day workshop with Cindy Briggs.  Cindy will provide a variety of images to choose from as we explore a range of subjects. 

    Whatever your level of experience, this will help you loosen up and enjoy the spontaneous process.  Great for your travel journals, like “Urban Sketching,” “Quick Sketch” gets you out of the city and into the mountains, at the beach, painting flowers, European scenery and whatever we choose along the way. 

    Follow along with Cindy using a fine point artist’s permanent pen and let your lines tell a story, then add fresh mingled colors.  Use supplies you have on hand and see Cindy’s suggested supply list. Reference images will be provided prior to sessions.  

    To register: Click here

    For more information contact: Linda Smith Email: or call: 509-499-1156

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