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August 4, 1969

By Myra Da Costa

Charter Members

Suzanne Allan

Alice Atkinson

Carol Blake

Lucile Bruner

Laura Belle Kelch

Shirley Oaks

Dorothy Paulsen

Cliff Segerblom

Betty Twers

Bylaws & Standing Rules

The Nevada Watercolor Society was founded August 4, 1969 in Las Vegas, Nevada to encourage, promote and advance watercolor painting through the education of the artist and general public. 

We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization, and as such must adhere to our Bylaws as filed with the IRS and State of Nevada.  Our Bylaws provide our legal name; purpose; membership requirements, classifications, and terms of membership; organizational structure; Board officer's responsibilities; required meetings; and other important terms of our charter. 

The Society's Standing Rules, which are periodically updated, contains a full description of our policies applying to all shows, workshops, dues payments, and conduct of our members.  The Standing Rules also describe in detail the duties of Board officers and all committee chairs. 

Each NVWS member should become familiar with the information in our Bylaws and Standing Rules.  Click below to review the full text. 

Bylaws & Standing Rules

2017 Nevada Watercolor Society

Any questions, please email us at 

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